Thursday, March 26, 2009

French Quarter

Coming in to New Orleans.  They're building a new bridge across Lake Ponchartrain.




But, that's not the only evidence of economic recovery!




The French Quarter RV park is walking distance to Bourbon Street and the Mississippi river.  It's also right on I-10.


We paid for this convenience - even at 1/2 price for Passport America, this park was $34/night.  You certainly weren't paying for the tranquility and scenery!  It was just perfect to be able to walk to the French Quarter and spend the afternoon.


Map image


We had some great food - Shrimp pasta and Shrimp Po Boy - listened to some live music - and saw a little of the local color:



20090324-28 20090324-29

A few blocks away, there was another guy in all gold.  I'll bet they make a fair living with what people put in their basket to take a photo.


We took our Garmin Nuvi handheld GPS with us.  When we were in the center of the French Quarter, I thought to ask the Garmin to show us what restaurants were nearby.  I chose the category, French, and it returned 22 restaurants within 1 mile!


The waterfront was active with the paddlewheel, the Imax theatre and aquarium, and the park.  People were out, walking, jogging, and just sitting with friends.



OK, that's it.  We 'did' New Orleans.  Obviously we didn't do it right - you need much more time.  But, at least we stopped this time!  We've driven past here on I-10 at least 3 times before.  Actually, the first time we even detoured north to I-20 to avoid the area because it was right after Katrina.  We're glad to see that New Orleans is back in business - but the TV news here is still full of stories about reconstruction, and sad stories of people still waiting for reconstruction.  The hurricane was 4 years ago.

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