Saturday, March 21, 2009

A chilly morning in Montgomery

The FMCA rally in Perry, GA was over yesterday. The thousands of RVs that filled the fairgrounds cleared out pretty quick on Friday morning. We're almost always one of the last to go!

And, I just had to snap this one. RV rallies are often held in fairgrounds. It just makes you feel all down-home and earthy to be grouped with the swine! We hit the road and made it as far as Montgomery, Alabama where we woke up to 48 degrees this morning. We'll probably stay here a couple days to recuperate and catch up. We have a couple hundred newsletter subscriptions to enter! That's from people who attended our seminars at the Rally and filled out the card to be added to our newsletter lists. We're at Woods RV park. This is a Passport America park - that means inexpensive - $16/night. They have cable TV here, and a good free Wi-Fi Internet connection. We may stay 3 nights!

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