Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Day around Winterset

I got up before 6 to finish a small web project, and I tried to take care of my emails. It appears to be a losing battle - but I will get to the bottom of it! New and renewing members for our Geeks on Tour Online classroom are signing up by the dozens during our June special of $29 (instead of the normal $39) for a one year membership or renewal. I'm trying to make sure they are all happy with the service.

I also wrote and posted my Picasa Tip of the Week - a day late. I used a photo from yesterday as my example ... if I had waited till today, I might have used that butterfly picture below - isn't it pretty?

We went for another walk right from our site in the city park. We saw a sign that said 'Tower Trail - 1 mile' OK, we're game, is there really a tower? It was certainly a pretty trail, and nobody else in sight:

From Geeks on Tour 200906 (June)
Lots of birds and bees and butterflies too.

OMG, there really *is* a tower. We felt like we'd been magically transported to Ireleand.

Odie couldn't make it up the last flight of stairs because it was more like a ladder. He just patiently waited for us. After that good walk, we were hungry! We decided to go to town and eat at the cafe where Clint Eastwood went in the movie. Jim sat in the same stool. Maybe if you squint real hard ... and let your eyes go blurry, you can see Clint here?

Nope ... I can't do it either :-) Then, we had to go see the main covered bridge from the movie - Roseman bridge. It is about a 10 mile drive out of town.

From Geeks on Tour 200906 (June)
According to the brochure - the covers were made in order to protect the timber in the bridge itself which was much more expensive. When we got back home, Jim spent a little time putting stuff back into it's new shelving in our 'loft.' We decided we no longer needed the wood cabinets that had been there. Taking them out means less weight! Always a good thing. Then came a knock on our door ... wha?!? Wow - it was Paul Stough, he told us he'd been following our blog for a year or so and he lives in the area. When he saw our post from this city park, he figured he'd come say hi. Paul is an ocassional RVer and hopes to get on the road even more. We talked about best ways to connect to the Internet and we showed him how we were connecting with our tethered cell phone right now. We had good, four bar EVDO from Verizon while in Winterset! Thanks for stopping by Paul.

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Rod Ivers said...

You might also enjoy Pammel state park West of Winterset on Hwy 92. Then to the South on state rd 162.
Drive thru the creek as it wanders thru the park.
You will have to take the car on this one, LOL.