Saturday, June 06, 2009

Peonies - the Memorial Day flower

Do you know about Peonies? I didn't. Apparently they are quite dependable, if planted and cared for correctly, to bloom right before Memorial Day weekend! And they are big and beautiful. This makes them a perfect flower for cemeteries. In Gravity, Iowa in fact, they are the only planted flower allowed.
From Geeks on Tour 200906 (June)
Memorial day was a couple weeks ago and these Peonies are past their prime but still quite impressive. It was a beautiful day yesterday. Jim and Dick took turns at the mower, and I took advantage of the 'Solar Dryer' :-) Not your normal RVing lifestyle! But, I gotta say it was quite pleasant - the sunshine, the birdsongs, the smell of freshly mowed lawn. Once I stopped sneezing anyway. We'll be back on the road next week. We hear from the Gypsy Journal that John Wayne's birthplace is just a short ways north of here, and it's in Madison county where the movie, Bridges of Madison County, was filmed. Sounds like fun. And then, I've been wanting to visit the Field of Dreams movie site since we were here last year.
Is this heaven? No, this is Iowa.
Our next stop is the FMCA Midwest area rally in Albert Lea, Minnesota.
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Nick Russell said...

Frm Winterset (John Wayne's birthplace) it is a short drive to Indianola, Iowa and the National Balloon Museum, which is well worth a visit.

Alicia said...

Wow sounds like you are going to be busy. I am sure you will like both places. Went to Winterset with my daughter as she wanted to see the bridges and movie set. Drove many school bus trips to Dyersville to see the field of dreams. If you are any where close to staying in my area, would love to stop by your camp site and say hi. I am in Stanwood, Eastern Iowa.