Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At Home at Thousand Trails

From Geeks on Tour 200906 (June)
We always feel at home when we come to a Thousand Trails/NACO preserve. You check in at the front gate by showing them your membership card only. We don't get out *any* money and we can stay for 2 weeks. Of course, we paid for the membership - but, for that we get a *home* in many of the most beautiful places in the country.
From Geeks on Tour 200906 (June)
We are looking forward to 2 weeks of R&R and website/membership work. Our next obligation is the FMCA International Convention in Bowling Green, Ohio July 20. See our schedule for more detail. Since the Thousand Trail parks are in natural areas, Internet access can sometimes be a problem. They usually have a free Wi-Fi hotspot at the adult lounge, but here, it's in the game room where kids are watching TV and playing video games and air hockey. Luckily, even though we only have 2 bars of Verizon access, it is a Verizon area and not Extended Service. The Internet connection is working fine from our RV using the tethered cell phone. BUT - we may not be so lucky next time. It worried me enough to tell Jim that I think it's time to get our Datastorm Satellite dish operational again. A new controller is on its way.
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Leno said...

Since we are TT owners too, I love to see pictures of the parks. We havent ventured out to many of them yet. Looks like this may be a good one.

On the highway said...

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Chris Guld said...

Leno - see more Thousand Trails photos on our web album: http://picasaweb.google.com/chrisguld/TTNRODParks02#

Chris Guld said...

Thanks for the info. Sounds like Broadband2go is a nice option for you - good to know. It wouldn't work for us because they don't offer enough bandwidth. We can go thru 300MB in one day. Their charges (http://web.virginmobileusa.com/broadbandPlans#) would be way to high for us. The service piggy backs off of Sprint - generally Verizon's coverage is better.