Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Sun is out, Rally must be over

OK, so I might be exaggerating a little ... the sun did come out on the last day of the rally. It was actually quite beautiful yesterday. But most of the time it was pretty miserable, they even had to cancel the entertainment on one night due to a tornado warning. They announced that everyone should seek shelter under the grandstand, and definitely *not* stay in their RVs. The shuttle golf carts were driving around making sure everyone got the message and offering rides to the grandstand. A tornado actually did touch down just a few miles from here in Austin, Minnesota. All was just fine here.

We did two seminars here - Picasa, and Every RVer Needs a Blog . They were well attended and well-received. The rest of the time we 'worked' the booth. I put 'work' in quotes because I'm not sure you can call it that when you're not accomplishing anything, and not making any money. It was a relatively small rally - I think the attendance numbers I heard was 280 coaches. We're trying everything this summer as we continue our quest to make a living on the road. A little of this, a little of that, and it all adds up. My bet is that some of the folks who attended the seminars signed up for a Geeks on Tour membership online. Our online sales are going quite well this month since we have the membership on sale for $29.

We did have fun getting to know some of our fellow vendors - the booth next to ours was TechnoRV. Whaddaya know - some more geeks! But these were geeks with toys. A wireless mouse in the shape of a Corvette, or a PT Cruiser was one of their popular items. But, what I want is the scuba diving mask with a camera (and video camera) built in to the frame!

Tracey and Phil, who own TechnoRV, are from England. They moved to the US with their jobs several years ago but have now quit those jobs so they can travel around this beautiful country of ours. And, they do it with 2 kids, a dog, and a retail business - all in their RV! Their son (12 I think) and daughter (14) are home-schooled and appear to enjoy their lifestyle very much.

We also met Ben and Leslie from RVSunpower - their booth was across the aisle from us. They've been living fulltime in their motorhome for over 15 years! They also do many things to make a living on the road. They told us they enjoyed working for the Corps of Engineers parks. And they really like spending winters in Baja!

Is this a great life or what?

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