Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Field of Dreams

We finally made it! As we've been living our dream, we really wanted to visit the Movie site for the Field of Dreams. We were close last year when we did the rallies at Amana Colonies, Iowa. This year, we arranged our itinerary specifically to visit here. Actually, Jim arranged the itinerary ... I still thought it was too far out of the way. Sometimes its good that I defer to him :-)

From Geeks on Tour 200906 (June)

From Geeks on Tour 200906 (June)

And then, of course, we had to watch the movie. Unfortunately, the gift shop at the site was closed by the time we got there. So we drove into town and found a video store. I've always liked this movie.

Ok, I love this movie.

Most movie DVDs today add some 'extra' material. This Field of Dreams DVD had a full length feature on the making of the movie. One of the comments was that Field of Dreams is our generation's 'It's a Wonderful Life.' I thought about that a lot. Both movies are about American values of family and love. But in 'It's a Wonderful Life' ... (the Christmas classic with Jimmy Stewart) the main character gives up folowing his dreams in favor of doing his duty - a very 1950s mid-American thing to do. In Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner's character gives up doing his duty and he follows his dream ... literally. A very baby-boomer generation thing to do. My generation is just crazy enough, and just spoiled enough to believe that following our dreams *IS* our duty.

My favorite scene, perhaps of *any* movie is when Annie (Amy Madigan) convinces the PTA to stop considering the banning of books. The quiet raising of hands that tells her the crowd agrees inspires her victory dance of boxing jabs and I'm always cheering and punching right along with her!

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Tom and Leah Van de Bussche said...

If you and Jim were like us when we visited "The Field of Dreams" it had a real different feel about it. You almost expected the players to walk out of the corn filed. Maybe it was taking me back to my youth, playing on ballfields surrounded by corn fields. Wonderful memories of a time gone forever.

Michael Lockridge said...

What an astute observation! I hadn't quite seen the line of tension between those ideas; dreams-----duty. That will give me something to think about for quite some time. Somehow I think that happiness can only come when one finds their place along such a line of tension.

This probably seems like babbling. It is just a concept I have long thought about, and your observation fit so nicely.

Glad you were able to find time for fulfilling one of your dreams.


Alicia said...

Glad you made it to the Field of Dreams, You didn't say if you were staying anywhere close. You are not to far from us, thought maybe we could stop by and see ya. Enjoy.

Chris Guld said...

Alicia - Darn! that would have been nice. We were only there for one night. We stayed at New Wine County park - very nice! then we went to Mud Park by Dubuque. Now we're on the road headed to Iowa City or thereabouts to visit the Hoover presidential museum.

Chris Guld said...

glad you liked that! I also am still thinking about it. I do believe it is our duty to follow our dreams. I actually think Jimmy Stewart's character's deep-down dream was to have a happy family and community life, and to help others with the same. I know baby-boomer's with the same dream. They are settled and happy. My dream has always been the unencumbered life, free to learn and explore. In Shakespeare's words - To thine own self be true.