Friday, October 09, 2009

Another Beautiful Thousand Trails park

We belong to the membership campground system called Thousand Trails.  There are about 40 of their ‘Preserves’ in the US and we’re always happy when one is near.  You can peruse past blog posts where I’ve mentioned Thousand Trails.


We are currently in the Chesapeake area of Virginia because the son of my friend Liz is getting married at their family farm here.  We were happy to find that there was a Thousand Trails preserve within 15 minutes of the farm. 


Here’s our view when we go for just a short walk.



And, here’s Mom taking video of the scenery.


Here’s our site – you can see the water in the distance.


Map picture


*Lots* of water in these here parts!  We’re on a stretch called the Piankatank river.


And, what a treat to get to see my friend Liz with all her family around her.  I think she likes being a Grandma!


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