Saturday, October 03, 2009

Wi-Fi and Full Moon

We were supposed to make it to Cumberland, Maryland yesterday, but the stop in Columbus to get a new tire took a *lot* longer than expected.  We only made it as far as Zanesville – about an hour east of Columbus.


The park is Wolfie’s and you need to put it on your list of good Wi-Fi!!  Good, Free, and Fast!  Such a treat.  We have been so few places this summer with good Wi-Fi.  We could watch Jon Stewart’s Daily Show from the web without needing to stop and buffer a dozen times, and without exceeding our Verizon download limits.


It’s pretty here too.  Mom and I took Odie for a walk on the trail.




We saw the sun set, and the moon rise.  Have you ever taken a picture of a full moon and been so disappointed that it only came out as a little speck in the sky?  I did that with this great pumpkin display as the foreground.  You can’t even see the moon unless you look really hard.  And the empty pool with chain link fence isn’t the most attractive background either.



So, I took another picture of the full moon, with the telephoto.



And, then I put them together :-)  No – picasa can’t do this … I use Fireworks, most people use Photo Shop.  Do we have too much fun with our computers or what?  Of course, I should have been answering emails or doing our newsletter.  Oh well.



Off to Washington, D.C. today.

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Diane said...

What fun! I wish I didn't spend all day on the computer so I'd enjoy playing with my pics more. A great shot for Halloween.