Friday, October 02, 2009

Scenes of a Rally

There were probably close to 300 people at this rally and most of them show up for Nick's welcome.  To read more about the rally – check out Nick’s Blog.



It’s so nice that Nick asks the vendors and the seminar speakers to introduce themselves to the crowd, and tell about their products/seminars. 


The weather was quite chilly most of the week, here Mom and I are grabbing a little warm sunshine.


Beautiful trees and early morning sunshine by our site.


And here’s our table in the vendor area:


This is Joe Kieva and Vicki Kieva (next photo.) If you’re an RVer, you probably know of them because they’ve been writing a column in Good Sam’s Highways magazine for many, many years.  I found their website, RVKnowHow, very useful even before we first got our RV.  We met them, very briefly, at Life on Wheels in 2004 and enjoyed their seminars then too.



I also found it inspiring that they were making a career out of presenting seminars and writing articles and books for RVers!  The Gypsy Journal Rally was their only speaking engagement this year.  I’m so glad we got to see them!


We presented 6 seminars during the week and had a blast at all of them, but especially the two advanced classes we taught – Picasa: Beyond the Basics and Blogging: Beyond the Basics.  We could have taught several days on each, but we kept it to 1 and a half hours!



After the end of the last seminar .. who should walk thru the door but our good friends Lynne and John!  They’re traveling in their motorhome from Florida to Iowa, and we’re headed back to Florida.  So nice that our paths cross now and then.  And, it was wonderful to see their smiling faces!



Thanks Nick and Terry for a great rally.

Well Done!

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