Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Safari Class C

We seldom see other motorhomes like ours.  Safari only made them for a couple years … 1997-99 I believe.  At Thousand Trails Chesapeake, we saw one with a different paint job. 

We stopped and chatted with the owners for a while and find out that they were having the same problem that we are with corrosion on the metal sides of the motorhome.  They said that leaky windows were the problem and they removed all their windows and re-placed them.  Ouch. 

Then they did a lot of bondo work on the sides and, finally, the paint job.  They say the ‘bubbles’ are meant to disguise the bondo!

Anyway – I think it looked great!

Here are some of the other times we’ve seen Safari Class C’s on our travels:
April 2005 – with 19 comments from other Safari Class C Owners!
August 2006 – photo of another Class C in Orlando


Anonymous said...

It looks great!!! They all need that personal touch. ;) J&A

Brody said...

Desert Safari Dubai one of the best place for toru i like it very much