Monday, July 12, 2010

Gabbing with the Geeks: Connecting to the Internet with Droid


Coming to you from Indiana, Jim and Chris talk about their summer tour of RV Rallies:

  1. The Rally – July 21-25 in Louisville, KY
  2. Family Motorcoach Ass’n (FMCA) Convention -  August 11 – 14 in Redmond, OR
  3. Gypsy Gathering Rally – August 30 – Sept 3 in Elkhart, IN
  4. Escapade – September 12 – 17 in Goshen, IN

Then they show you how they connect to the Internet by Tethering their Motorola/Verizon Droids. Tags: ,


Chris said...

Great informative video, thanks for posting it.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

I can't help but wonder if Verizon will figure out that usage of their internet is way more than what a phone could request. How many folks could ask for and use 5 gig? Especially if some of the band width is uploads. Can a droid upload that much?
If they have a way of identifying the usage of the aftermarket program, perhaps they will add limits to the service. But for now, surf away. Makes my black berry purchase seem all wrong! LOL.
Oh and then I also have the USB air card, for an additional $60 a month. What's wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

I hope web-surfers don't knock my family off Verizon...the 4 of us use our service for phone/texting only. It's all we can get in the hills where are. And the kids are the ones who text. The (subtle) dismissal of Hughesnet or whatever that satellite technology is called is helpful. Yeah, it seems technology is gonna price all us techo-laggards out of the market right as we can't afford it. That is: most retired.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris and Jim .... for the first time I feel you are leaving me behind with technology. Not your fault. You are young and doing what's happenin'. I'm getting older faster than you are, teehee. Keep up the good work. I still follow you everywhere you go, living through you vicariously??? Is that the word? Loveya ... Joline