Saturday, July 24, 2010

Picasa Seminar

Picasa has become our most popular seminar.  Internet and Blogger attracted 100-150 attendees. Picasa was about 250.  I didn’t think to take a picture until we already had the card out of the camera to demonstrate importing to computer.  But, my trusty Droid could still snap a few pictures, and I put them together in a bit of a panorama.  Click the picture to get a larger view, then click back to come back here.
If you attended the seminar after we ran out of handouts, you can download the handout from our website’s Picasa page.
Today we’re presenting GPS Navigation and Trip Planning, featuring Streets and Trips.  That’s at 8:30 :-(
Then tomorrow, the last day of the rally, we end with our favorite – Photo Story 3 – for making narrated slide shows.
When we’re not in seminar, we’re hanging out at the booth.  They have a live web-cam going all day long.  Check it out and maybe we’ll wave to you!  Actually, the camera is shooting over our heads, but if you call us on the phone we can stand in the camera’s view and wave.
Too much fun!
Oh – and is it as HOT where you are?  Our thermometer read 94 degrees at 8pm last night!  Luckily we’re parked in a spot that has a permanent electric hookup and our air conditioning is working good.  Not everyone here is so lucky.  There are about 2500 RVs here and most of them are having to depend on generators.

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Brian Rose said...

Hi Chris! Brian from the Picasa team here. That's so cool you got such a great turnout at your Picasa seminar. I wish I could attend your next one -- it looks like everyone learned a lot. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.