Sunday, July 18, 2010

See you at The Rally!


We hope to see you all at The Rally in Louisville, KY this week.  We’ll be hanging out in the booth (#340) much of the time.  Check out this listing of all 278 Vendors and their booth numbers.

When we’re not in the booth, it’s probably because we’re presenting one of our 5 seminars:

  1. Internet on the Road: Wed 8:30 - 10 Seminar E
  2. Every RVer Needs a Blog Thu 8:30 - 10 Seminar C
  3. Picasa  Fri 1pm - 2:30 Seminar B
  4. GPS & Streets and Trips: Sat 8:30 - 10 Seminar G
  5. Photo Story 3 Sun 1pm - 2:30 Seminar E

And, we’re not the only ones giving seminars!  Here’s the listing of all the seminars you can attend at the Rally.


Here’s a video with Brian Brawdy from last year’s rally:

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