Friday, July 09, 2010

Thousand Trails - Indian Lakes

We stayed at this same park last year ... right about this same time.  It’s huge.  Plenty of walking trails thru the woods … Odie really likes that … and plenty of roadway to go for bicycle rides, Jim and I really like that. 

I took advantage of the beauty shop located at the park’s camp store building and got a haircut.  I got a haircut here last year too!  Once a year, whether I need it or not!  When you travel all the time it’s a treat to go to the same place.

We’ll be here for about 10 days.  We’re working on our website and preparing for our seminars at The Rally.  There’s no Wi-Fi here (except at the cafe) so we’re depending on Verizon and our Droids tethered to our computers.  Jim says his is working great – mine is pretty pokey but it does work.

Hey, if you already saw the post about Kentucky Horse Park, go look again (it’s just 2 posts back) I added a little movie with a great clip of a horse playing Tether Ball.  They call it his ‘Jolly Ball.’ :-)

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