Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Rally – our Last Day

We’ve been here at The Rally in Louisville, KY this week and we’ve been hanging out in the booth. Why the booth?  Because I am one of their authors.  I’ve been writing for them once a week for over two years now.  Here a list of all my articles on  It’s so fun to have all the people come by and say how much they love!  Here’s a group that I made repeat it for the camera:

We’ve had our share of Geeks on Tour fans too – Thanks Everybody!  All of our seminars have had larger crowds than we expected – and we ran out of handouts.  If you want a handout for any of our seminars we encourage you to download them for free from the Geeks On Tour website:

Internet on the Road

How to Make a Blog

Picasa for Managing Digital Photos

GPS Navigation and Trip Planning w/Streets & Trips

Narrated Slideshows with Photo Story 3

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Kathy and Robert said...

I learn sooooooooooooo much from y'all! It's wonderful since we are just starting out.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences.