Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Vote for Dee

image IT would be so wonderful if Dee could win a new kitchen!  This is a promotional event for a South Florida kitchen and remodeling company.  They will remodel the kitchen of the winning entrant.  All she needs is your votes. Vote for Dee at the Panda Kitchen Contest.

I have known Dee since the early 80s – we used to go to aerobics classes together.  Then she came down with a rare nervous disorder and she’s been in a wheelchair ever since.  Uninsurable, Dee makes her living as a copywriter – a darn good one!  Some of the language on our website (you can probably spot the best-formed sentences) is by her. 

Another thing she’s good at is cooking.  If she wins this kitchen makeover – I look forward to a spectacular dinner when I’m back in Fort Lauderdale!  You can vote once every day.  Just click on Panda Kitchen Contest and search for Dee.  Click the button to View Story and Vote. 


Oh – and if you need a copywriter, leave a comment here and I’ll put you in touch.


Chris said...

I voted. I hope your friend wins.

John and Carol said...

Somehow, I can't find where to vote. I would if I could. Help!

Chris said...

Thanks John and Carol! If you follow the link - that takes you to the contest page. Then you have to find Dee. There is a Search box in the middle right of the page - just type Dee in there and Search. You will recognize her by the picture. Then click on 'View Story and Vote' You can read her story then click on 'Vote for this Kitchen.'