Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Fun and aggravation with my new phone

 I did finally get the box open! Then I turned it on and followed the instructions to turn OFF my old Samsung/Verizon phone so that the new one (the S21 Ultra) could automatically activate. Amazing. I didn't have to deal with the SIM card at all, it just did everything for me.


After activating the phone number, it went to work installing all the same apps as were on the old phone, setting up my accounts, and copying all the data. When I picked up the new phone, I could hardly tell the difference between it and the old phone. That is, until I opened one of the apps. Here comes the aggravation, you have to sign in and verify your identity. I usually do that with Lastpass, but Lastpass needed me to sign in and prove my identity as well. Kind of a catch-22. I just kept at it. Reading instructions, pushing buttons, entering codes that got sent to one of my other devices, until stuff started to work. The turning point was when I set up my Google Voice phone number on the new phone. Now, I can get the codes sent to Google Voice and it comes straight to the new phone.

The Google Photos app seemed to be stuck. All day long it said, "Setting up your library" and "Getting ready to back up" I finally gave up after a full day and a few hours. I uninstalled Google Photos and re-installed it. The library was set up and backup was complete in less than a half hour!

OK, now let's go have some fun with that camera! I found a pretty spot in our neighborhood where there was a sign and I got a ways away. I stood in one spot and took 4 photos, one with each of the different lens settings. You can't even see the sign when I use the wide angle or the normal lens. With the 3X You can see that there is a sign there. With the 10X you can almost read the sign - and if you zoom in a bit with two fingers, you can clearly read it. WOW

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Fred W. H. said...

Looks like you are going to have fun with the new phone and its cameras. Great photo comparisons. Thanks.