Friday, October 27, 2023

19,000 steps and Winston Churchill

We needed a day of relaxation. I wanted to walk in the park, and meet up with an old friends, Vivien, later at a pub. 
I love the parks in London! Our hotel was just a couple of blocks off of Kensington gardens/Hyde Park. As soon as you step thru the gates and leave the street behind, you are enveloped in nature and peace. We did some walking the first days we were here, then progressively more stressful. By Thursday, I wanted more of the park so we made no appointments for the day, just planned to walk. Maybe check out the museum of natural history or science. As we started walking thru the park, I felt the same peace we had on our first day. 

We strolled past the Royal Albert Hall and statue and on to Kensington Palace, then it was time to find the Castle Pub and meet up with Vivien. I've known Vivien from Fort Lauderdale since the 90s. She is UK born and bred and still spend half her time in London

It was fabulous to see her again and learn some more inside info about London. 
We were able to catch an underground for the last stretch back to our hotel and my legs felt like rubber by then. No wonder! According to my Apple watch, I had walked 19,000 steps or 7.5 miles. It's been many years since these legs and feet have carried my that far!

Friday was our last day and we wanted something memorable, so we booked a guided tour of Westminster area and the Churchill war rooms. It was spectacular. We learned so much. Did you know that, after being the hero and saving the UK from defeat by Germany, Winston Churchill lost the election for prime Minister? I think that is just bizarre. 
All in all, I think Churchill is someone I would have liked. A good person.

The war rooms were extensive with lots of displays, exhibits, and commentaries about the life and times of Winston Churchill. We loved it. It was a very fitting end to our visit to London. Makes me want to see the movie The Darkest Hour s week as any others that chronicles the life of this man. Meanwhile we got one step further into orientation of London, setting just how close are Big Ben, Westminster Palace/houses of parliament, Westminster Abby, 10 Downing Street, houses of civil service. At one point I took a quick video showing a busy of King Charles 1 on one side of the road starting at Oliver Cromwell on the other side. They were Arch enemies - quite a story.

We did a bit more walking, stopped in to our local pub, Leinster arms, for our one main meal of the day. We felt quite content with our 2 weeks in London, lots of learning, lots of sightseeing, lots of walking. We didn't get to see a show even though we booked a ticket for the Abba experience 😞 
We started out wondering if we could really fill 9 days all just in London. We ended up feeling like there wasn't enough time to do everything.
Good stuff

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