Saturday, October 14, 2023

Crabbing and Sightseeing on LBI

 Jimmy has lived on this island for most of his life, so of course, he has a boat! He's a great one for taking advantage of where he lives and one of the things to do here is .. crabbing! It was a beautiful day for a boat ride so we jumped at the offer to go out on the bay and see if we could catch some crabs.

Well, it was a beautiful day out in the bay anyway! We did catch a few, but they were all small and we put them back. The catching process is interesting; you just put a piece of fish on a hook at the end of a line, lower the line to the bottom (we were in 3-6 feet of water) and wait. Every once in a while you slowly raise the line and there may be a crab hanging on and munching on the fish. Then you need help with a net to scoop up the crab. 

We went out a second day and had more luck.

We still had a few days before leaving for London, so we decided to do some shopping, and some sightseeing. For shopping, we always check in at the Surf City 5&10. This time of year they're having their end of season closeout sale. It's always good for a tshirt or two and we love items with LBI logos. The real find though was a warm jacket - something we need for London and don't have! I was happy enough to find a warm, light, compact coat, but then I noticed the tag that showed how it stuffs into an attached collar pocket that turns it into a neck pillow for the airplane. What a find! Jim got one too. Here's a link to see it/buy it through our Amazon Store

You know the Surf City 5&10 by the lighthouse out front. A replica of the Barnegat Lighthouse at the north end of the island. And, check out these 2 photos: the one on the left is the original, the one on the right is after using Google Photos Magic Eraser - in one click - to remove all the poles and lines.

Speaking of the Barnegat Lighthouse, it was being renovated last time we were here and you couldn't see if for all the scaffolding. So, it behooves us to visit this time. It was a gorgeous day so we took the opportunity to walk all the way around and thru the bit of woods nearby as well.

We also climbed the 217 steps to get the view from the top!

"Old Barney" is at the northernmost end of the island. 18 miles to the south is the southernmost point. Jim decided we needed to see that today as well.

Looking south, toward Atlantic City, from the south end of Long Beach Island - LBI

Of course, the most beautiful sights are right from our back yard - well, Jimmy's back yard that is.


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