Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Space age technology on a 100 year old farm

 Chloe runs a B&B Inn called Big Mill. She grew up there as it was her family's farm, started in 1920. Chloe may have started as a farm girl, but she is thoroughly modern and has learned a lot about how to use social media to promote a business. We met Chloe through Martin Brossman who teaches marketing for small businesses at the University of North Carolina. About 10 years ago, Martin invited us to join a weekly discussion group about technology. Chloe is part of that group, and we've been seeing her online every Friday morning since.

Her property is conveniently placed on our route from Fort Lauderdale to New Jersey so we take advantage of her RV hookup space and enjoy spending a couple of days with Chloe. 

Jim was also quite interested to see how her brand new StarLink internet system was working. He got to help with a couple of the cable connections from the satellite to her access points. Luckily, I was inside the RV doing some work and didn't know he was out climbing on roofs!

Since we had such a comfortable, friendly place to stay - and good Internet - we decided to stay put for a couple more days and do our live-streaming YouTube show from here. You can see the show at Road Trip - our favorite apps and maps.

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