Monday, October 23, 2023

I'm a half-day kinda gal

We woke up in our new hotel on Friday morning with no particular plans for the day. Nothing except our Martin meeting at 1:30. Sometime around 11 we went out to the shop across the street so I could get some hair conditioner. I took a shower, we had our meeting - at least party of it- before our wifi crapped out.
Then it was time for a walk and a pub. Beautiful day, walked to the park, found a fantastic tree for Mom. Kensington gardens and Hyde Park. Had a beer at the swan, then found a delightful pub called Mitre.

Back to hotel.
Saturday was a long, full day meeting up with Phil, Tracey, Sue Nobert. Spa Valley railway Beer festival - that needs it's own post.

Slept really good Saturday night. So good that I developed a plan for a show on Sunday. I researched the Web and found there should be free, high speed wifi in Hyde Park. We were up and out right after breakfast in search of wifi for a live YouTube show. We walked nearly 4 miles all together. Found wifi, but not high speed - outside would be too bright, inside would be too noisy with people. Ok, how about a pub? Went back to our first pub Leinster Arms and found their wifi to be pretty good, but Verizon was better. And the beer was really good! I like the London pilsner. And the chicken wings ... The chicken wings!

I turned on you tube live and recorded just a hello out there using my phone! Our server, Kuba, photo bombed us and made us laugh so hard. Ok, let's have another beer.

Got back to the hotel about 2, showtime would be 7. I made a little video about the Google event and then it was nearly 4. I'm getting stressed, can I really get an email sent out and another little video, and the rest of a lesson plan for show? And will it really work at the pub? 
Oh hell with it, I don't need this stress. Just write a little tip on Google maps timeline, and tell people to watch our 3 minute hello video.

Ahhhhh, stress is gone. Read email, post to Instagram, watch YouTube. Lay in bed, relax. Dinner? Wine? No thanks. We had a very full half-day, then relaxed the rest. I like it. Tomorrow we'll do the hop on hop off bus 

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