Wednesday, October 04, 2023

We are frequent travelers

 When we left Chloe's Big Mill, we traveled a route we've been on before. Up to the Chesapeake Bay bridge-tunnel, then north on the Eastern Shore.

Is it cool that we know places to go and stay all over the country? Or... is it lazy? When we left Chloes we could go inland toward Washington DC and maybe stop at Jefferson's Monticello and stay at a Harvest Host Alpaca farm - or we could go NE and over the Chesapeake Bay bridge-tunnel and up the Eastern Shore, stay at the Pocomoke Elks Lodge where we've been before then N over the ferry to New Jersey.

Even if we did the eastern shore route we could stay at a Harvest Host Alpaca farm but it seemed like too much trouble, besides we prefer to have electric hook up we knew the Elks Lodge at it so we went the same way we've been before. The lodge was open this time and we had a drink at the bar and struck up a conversation with a couple who moved to Pocomoke from upstate New York they also turned out to be scuba divers people we had a quiet night and woke up to a parking lot full of Blackbirds

The drive to the ferry took longer than we thought seems that Google Maps took us on unnecessary back roads. But we made it just in time to drive on the ferry it was a beautiful day enjoying our houseboat for an hour.

I give it 50/50 whether it's cool that we are familiar with places all over the country, or we are lazy and don't make the effort to seek out new experiences. In any case, we enjoyed ourselves. 

After 11 days of Jim doing ALL the driving, I decided I needed to remember that I could indeed drive and I got us to our destination in LBI - driving the RV off the ferry and up the New Jersey Parkway to exit 63 and across the Causeway to Long Beach Island and the driveway of Jim's old friend Jimmy.

This will be home for a while. Not bad. We've been here many, many times over the years as we lived in our RV. It's gotta be my favorite parking spot in the whole country.

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