Sunday, October 15, 2023

London Bound - and arrived

Noticed the neck pillow - yep that's the warm jacket in disguise.
Finished packing. Stored everything in the van. Tried to check in online to no avail. Worried that the lack of spaces between our first and middle names would once again cause a problem (see past blog post)
Jimmy drove us to the airport - so nice.. got there at 1:30 for a6 o'clock flight. we were pleasantly surprised that checking in at the kiosk was smooth as silk, no problem with the name/space issue.
Found a work table with outlets and got some work done. Had one wine at the bar and it was time to board the plane. We had seats 3 rows apart but when a man sat next to Jim, he readily switched with me. Time to curl up for a6 hour nap. It's a7 hr flight. We get in at 6 am (1am for us) and we probably can't get into our room till 2 or 3. Hmmm
I hope to do a live from London at our 2pm Sunday show time - that will be 7pm London time. Well see.
We landed after an uneventful, perfect flight and, just as promised, there were the Google PE Summit representatives there to greet us and drive us to the hotel.

Registration for the event - there are over 600 Product Experts attending from all over the world. All on Google's dime!

Even better than the chauferred ride to the hotel was the fact that Google arranged for us to have early access to our room. We found it and instantly crashed (it was 2am eastern time.) In a bit we went down to the bar and met up with friends, then had dinner.

We found our good friend, Michael Daniels, right away

Joe Wehry has been my 'conference buddy' since 2016. He wasn't there last year, so I was thrilled to see him here.

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