Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Being Tourists in San Diego

As I mentioned before, Lynne and John are here for Josh's (John's son) wedding. Here they are with Ryan (Lynne's son) getting ready to go to the wedding. They clean up rather nicely doncha think? So there are lots of family and friends here as well. And, John grew up in San Diego, so he likes playing tour guide. We were more than happy to join in. Here's our group having Sunday Brunch in Old Town. Patrick really enjoyed the Mariachis! The bougainvillea here is spectacular! Then we went to San Diego harbor where the Midway aircraft carrier has been turned into a museum. Here's John and Jim (aka 'the twins') getting excited about our visit. I bet these kayakers feel small. Isn't this a nice statue for a military memorial park? Jim loves everything aeronautical. We had great views of the bay from the bridge. Yesterday, we visited the ocean at Mission Beach. It's beautiful, but I can't say inviting. That water is probably 58 degrees!

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