Friday, January 27, 2006

More San Diego

What fun to play tourist for a while. The main tourist attraction I'd heard of in San Diego is Balboa Park. But, I thought it was all a zoo. No - it's many acres of property with all sorts of stuff. Just walking around looking at the awesome architecture is worth the trip. The park includes 16 museums. There is normally an entrance fee for each museum, but, on Tuesdays, they take turns being free. This Tuesday, the Aerospace Museum was free. Cool. Also the sports museum was free, so we got to check out the history of surfing! John knew a lot about this. He grew up in San Diego and did a lot of surfing. The movie Endless Summer was part of the exhibit. That's still a great movie. The next day we finally went kayaking. We planned to do this every day, but it's been a little chilly - usually mid 40s in the morning. Then it gets breezy in the afternoon. But this was Lynne, John and Ryan's last day so we got brave. We're leaving today to head north to San Luis Obispo. Since we're in the tourist mode, we're planning to visit the Nixon Presidential library and the Reagan Library on the way. The Reagan library recently added Air Force One to the exhibits. Gotta see that.

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