Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A busy WiFi day

RV's are pouring into Palm Creek from places like Wisconsin, Michigan and British Columbia. It's no wonder with temperatures up there all lower than 20 and temperatures here in the 70s during the day. From our point of view, it seems like all these RVers want to use the WiFi Internet connnection, and that all of them have trouble. Of course, we know that's not true. There are plenty of folks who couldn't care less about the Internet while they're here, and there are plenty of folks who turn on their computers and get it to work right away. But, since our job is to help the folks having trouble - we don't see any of those others! We had our WiFi seminar on Sunday and we had one of our biggest crowds yet - over 35 folks. I made them sing, "Happy Birthday" to Jim since this was the only day available for scheduling the seminar. They did a pretty good job! On Monday morning, we started making our 'house-calls'. We finally met back up and rolled home a little after 7 and found 18 messages on our house phone! Yikes! Luckily, they weren't all asking for visits. In fact, this one just called to inform us that he learned things in the seminar that made it work for him. Cool! That's how it's supposed to be. Education is SO key.

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Anonymous said...

Well better late then never, happy birthday !!