Friday, January 20, 2006

WiFi Flattery

Here we are in San Diego! We're here to visit with Lynne and John who are here to go to their son's wedding. Lynne took me and the dogs to Fiesta Island (just down the street) where the dogs can run free and even go swimming. We heard about this RV park (Mission Bay RV) from someone who told us how good the WiFi was here. And, when we checked it out, we found that it was half the cost of the other park in the area (Campland on the Bay). So here we are. When we checked in we mentioned the WiFi and were told not to expect much, that they seem to have lots of problems and get lots of complaints. You could tell she didn't really want to talk about it - but she brightened up when we said the good things we had heard. y'know, the night before, at the park that had no Internet - that person seemed quite happy to tell us that they had NO Internet. It's so much easier than explaining what they do have and how it works ... or doesn't! Poor RV park personnel! And, this one is even free. Anyway, Jim said, "I'll bet it will work just fine for us." And, indeed it does. It's working just fine for Lynne and John also. But, here comes the interesting part. One of their handouts when you check in is a document called, "Mission Bay RV Park Wi-Fi Information and Troubleshooting Basics". I started reading it with interest. When I got to the part that says, "The basic troublshooting process:" I started getting a distinct feeling of deja vu. 1. Is the Wi-Fi adapter on and functioning? .... 2. Is the Wi-Fi adapter sensing the availability of the wireless network? ... 3. Is your Wi-Fi adapter able to connect to the wireless network? ... 4. Has the wireless network connection been assigned a valid IP address? ... By the time I got to #5, I *knew* I had read these words before. In fact, I *wrote* these words! I'd forgotten all about that article I wrote a year and a half ago, but there's a lot of good WiFi advice in it. Their handout goes on for another page of helpful hints such as:

"Internet Explorer settings on the user's computer.Many people who normally use dial up need to go into Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, Connections and click on 'Never Dial a Connection'. Another issue is found on Internet Options, Connections and LAN settings: If 'Use a Proxy Server" is set to yes, you won't be able to browse because there is no Proxy Server. "

Now I'm dancing around the coach laughing! I'm famous! But, nobody knows it. No, I'm not at all angry. I wrote that article to be helpful to people using WiFi. I'm glad it is. A link so people could read more might be nice, but, as for them 'borrowing' my words - I do believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

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