Sunday, January 08, 2006

Playing with Picasa and Hello

I'm going to be teaching a couple seminars in the next 2 weeks on the photo management program called Picasa. It is just SO cool. Right now I'm exploring it's companion program , Hello. Hello is like instant messenger on steroids. It lets you text message, just like IM, but with photos included. It is WAY cool. It's like being able to reach through cyberspace, sit down with a friend and thumb through a photo album together. It also lets you instantly post photos on your blog. But, unless I just haven't figured it out yet, you can only add one photo per post. Posted by Picasa

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Gary Mike & Josh said...

Jim & Chris

I've been reading your blog for a while now. Pretty good.

Anyway, I've never been able to post more than one photo at a time with Hello also. Let us know if you figure out how to get it to post more than one.

Gary Faulkner
Fulltime, currently in Miami.