Monday, January 23, 2006

Walking in San Diego's Mission Bay

I am determined to get some exercise into our lifestyle. It's just not healthy to sit around as much as we do - but that's what computer work mostly entails. Right now, in San Diego, we are staying at Mission Bay RV Park, and it is at one end of a long public park - perfect for walking. Jim looked at the geocaching website and saw one on Fiesta island, but, he says, "I think that's too far to walk." I said, no, that's just what we should do - walk a long ways. Not strenuous, just long - good for us. I figured it was about 5-6 miles (round trip) and would take us about 2 hours. Well, by the time we got back, 3 hours had passed and close to 9 miles. I was limping! Maybe Jim was right? But, I wasn't going to let him know that! He said, "You always start out by overdoing it." No way, I said, "We've got to push ourselves, how else are we going to improve our condition?" Anyway, we survived, and even did it again today. It is a beautiful walk. There was swing music playing and all these people dancing! And, lots of people flying kites.

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