Wednesday, November 08, 2006

aaaaaahhhhhh - Settled for the Season

We're doing something different this winter. We're in Florida and we're gonna stay thru March. We're 'working' at Thousand Trails Peace River Reserve. We stayed here in August and really liked it. We traveled 11,500 miles this year (not counting air and ocean travel to Fiji), and loved every minute. Yet it also feels really good to know that we're sitting still for a while. In traveling around this country we've learned a bit about weather. We've learned that a lot of places actually get hotter than Florida in the summer time and EVERY place gets colder that South Florida in the winter time! So we're 'doing' Florida this winter. But not where we normally stay in Florida. We're at a campground in the middle of the state - Zolfo Springs. I put 'work' in quotes above because it actually sounds a lot more like fun. It's often called 'workkamping'. Here at Thousand Trails, they call it Member Worker Program. Basically you put in some time to cover the cost of your site. Sometimes you clean the bathrooms, sometimes you work in a kitchen, sometimes you work in the office. They've assigned Jim to put in his hours at the adult recreation center helping other guests with their computers and the WiFi! Is that what you call the briar patch? And, we'll be offering our seminars here, on a regular basis, all winter. Cool! So - here's home for a while ... We're gonna like this.

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