Monday, November 27, 2006

Movie Night

Since the weather has turned warmer, we figured it was time for Movie Night. Greg and Marilyn have the DVD for the movie RV, and Jim said he'd set up our equipment outside. Add some more people, a couple bowls of popcorn and some citronella candles and we're all set!


Anonymous said...

Outdoor movies, wow, that brings back some old memories. When my late wife and I would go camping the park would put on movies on the weekends and they were a highlight of the week....

We were old hands at the movies. We would show up with blankets to keep warm and snacks to eat while watching the movie..

Thanks for the memories.

Gypsy John said...

Now the Accountant in me thinks that you could augment your income if you simply "sold" tickets (by donation only of course).

What a neat idea--very forward thinking of you! Instead of DRIVE-IN movies, you now have DRIVE-BY movies.

Chris Guld said...

I don't think we'll charge anything - but we should make them watch a commercial for Geeks on Tour seminars, tutoring and CDs! "Movie night, brought to you by Geeks on Tour ...." Thanx for the thought.