Thursday, November 02, 2006

Escapees and Thousand Trails

There are lots of Thousand Trails parks in Texas. We were disappointed that none of them were near Austin though. So, on our way out of Texas we planned our route to pass by Lake Conroe, a big, well-known TT park. If you're a boater, this is the park for you. Lake Conroe is big, and the park has a marina. Nice sunset views too ... Our rig is *only* 30 feet long and we *only* need 30amp electricity. We are grateful for this so often. It means we have our choice of a lot more spaces than the big 45 ft rigs that need 50amp. We like all the open space at most Thousand Trails parks. And, this one had a really nice jacuzzi too. Here's our site. And they have WiFi at this park. They use all the bathouses for the antennas. It worked great ... free too. We didn't even raise our dish. While we were there, I got an email from Bill, a fellow RVer and Blog reader. He is an Escapee, and was staying at the 'headquarters' park in Livingston, Texas. We've been interested in Escapees since we first started RVing. We looked at the map and noticed that Livingston was only an hour's drive from where we were staying, so we hopped in the car and went over for a visit. In case you don't know Escapees - they are an RVer membership organization. They have parks around the country, but that is just one of the purposes of the organization. They're probably best known for mail forwarding services. LOTS of full-time RVers use Livingston as their residence. So much mail goes thru there that they have their own zip code! They also have a facility to take care of RVers who need to 'hang up their keys', permanently or temporarily. What a wonderful idea. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to handle the RV lifestyle, you can park your rig here and get CARE (Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees). That includes 3 meals/day, house-cleaning services, laundry and personal care - all for $800/mo. Our route has never taken us close enough before to stop by, so I'm real glad we got the opportunity this time. Escapees also organize a couple big rallies each year called Escapades. We'd love to give our seminars there! During our visit, we got to meet the folks doing the organizing. Thanx for the introduction Bill! Before I close, I just gotta throw in this photo of a big rig we saw during our drive. Another reason we like our smaller rig ... we can make these turns!

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Gypsy John said...

That Big Rig looks like a candidate for RV DRIVING SCHOOL ( Don't blame the size of the Rig...instead blame the driver who obviously shouldn't be driving anything larger than a VW Beetle.