Saturday, March 24, 2007

FMCA Rally - Last Day

I did it! I made it to the exercise class at 7am. I know - I need to post photos to prove it. So, here they are: These folks from PFIT have been at every FMCA convention I can remember and they're great. I feel so good after following their exercises. You can tell they're professionals and they really like what they do. Besides, they're a husband/wife team too ... we relate! I also wrote about them at the last convention. We had two more seminars. In the past, attendance has been low (40-100) on the last day. People are starting to leave, or they're deciding what coach to buy, etc. But this year, we had at least 400 attendees in both the Picasa seminar and the Google Earth. I asked how many of them had attended one of our other seminars and most of them raised their hands. Can I call that a following? It sure was cool! I wonder if they would sit in the front row if they knew I would take their picture in the Picasa class?! We stole a few minutes on the last day to see the exhibit hall. Jim really liked this little grill attached to a slide out drawer. How handy! Then, that night, we attended the Oak Ridge Boys concert - Jim already posted about that. I just want to add a thank you to our sponsor, Beaudry RV. Because of them we had really good seats! So - the party's over. Here's a screenshot of the Google Earth map with the Datastorm Users listed. This shows 31 satellite dishes, but, we saw lots more. The fields are returning to their empty state. Check out the line of RVs below. No, they're not parked. They're waiting in line for the dump station. See all the photos of the convention on Jim's picasa web album. Next FMCA convention ... Redmond, Oregon. Rally Day 3 (part 2) <-- a=""> --> Rally Finale, Oak Ridge Boys

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Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like you guys had a fun time at the FMCA Rally and you got to see the Oak Ridge Boys, how much better could it have been?

Where you off to next?