Thursday, March 01, 2007

Stumpy, the mascot alligator

It always surprises me to learn how wild animals take up residence in one place. To me 'wild' means nomadic. I like being 'wild'! But, it's simply not true. In scuba diving, you can find the same critter in the same branch of coral day after day, month after month. Here, at Thousand Trails, Peace River Reserve, there is a large alligator named 'Stumpy' that you'll find on the same little beach on the same bend of the river - right across from a strategically placed bench. We haven't seen her in a while because it's been cold. I'm not sure where she goes, but she's not on the bank when it's cold. It's warmed up lately, and today she was on her bank, right where she belongs. Jim got some photos today that make it clear why she's called 'stumpy'! We call her 'she' because she was seen with a lot of babies following her around last season. No one knows how she lost her leg. I sure needed some nature time today. I've been struggling with the computer all day, getting absolutely nothing accomplished. grrrrrrr What a nice bench. All's right with the world as the water flows by like it does every day.

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Anonymous said...

Love the tree pic. Reminds me of a Polynesian or Africa face mask.