Monday, March 26, 2007

Play Time - Paddle to Caladesi Island

We worked hard for 4 whole days! It's time for a vacation don't you think? Thursday was the last day of the FMCA convention. Friday was a travel day. We drove 365 miles to the Tampa/St. Pete area to visit with Lynne and Johne. Then we played all weekend. There's lots of waterplay available in the Tampa Bay area. We decided to paddle to a small island called Caladesi. You can't get there by car. Here it is on Google Earth:

What a great day. Notice the motorhome on the beach. Pretty nice day camp eh? Hey George, are you watching? Kayaking to Caladesi Island

Paddling to Caladesi Island

For those of you who wonder how I dare take my precious camera out on the water. Here's a photo of the case I keep it in when I paddle. Jimmy gave me this Pelican case as a gift. They are really THE best way to keep equipment safe and dry. Thanx Jimmy!

Pelican case to keep camera dry

Finding a Geocache.
From Blogstuff 2007
The girls play in the Gulf of Mexico.
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The boys find a shady spot.
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We find a canoe trail thru the mangroves.
From Blogstuff 2007

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