Friday, March 16, 2007

Friend and Family Trail

The more you live on the road, the more you develop certain paths to and fro. And, it's wonderful to have friends and family to see along the way. After leaving Peace River, we stopped in St. Pete and visited with Lynne and John. They made a yummy 'Mexican Combo' dinner! Then it was on to my Dad's place in northern Florida. Such a peaceful place to sit and watch the lake, and the birds, and the alligators, and the otters. We really did see all of those things here! And, Candy's Azaleas are just beautiful. Even though a freeze last month killed off a lot of the foliage, the blossoms are doing well. And, their driveway is the perfect place for our pre-rally cleanup! Now we're at an RV park just outside of Perry. We'll move over to the Fairgrounds on Saturday. They don't turn the electricity on until Sunday morning. We're spending time here doing some last-minute seminar preparations.

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