Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scenes from a Rally (FMCA)

Just a few hours earlier, this was an empty field. Dozens of volunteers are trained as 'parking assistants'. They do an amazing job to take a steady stream of RVs and get them parked systematically in these empty fields. They label every location with Lots and streets. We're in Lot VE. Jim tells me to white out the t and we'll be in LoVE. awwwww Plenty of grassy area to walk Odie. Lots of Datastorm dishes around. Jim counted 31 who were located on the Datastorm Users map. This is how they provide power.

And, here we are.

We had much fun at the reception last night. We met old friends from Palm Creek RV, and we made new friends with Duane from Passport America . We've used the Passport America discount camping with great success in all our RV travels. Now they're embarking on a new venture called www.MyRVSpace.com. I've just joined it and I'm real curious to see how it goes. It's a a FREE social networking, information and entertainment site created for campers and RVers. This morning we were hoping to go to the exercise class, like we have at rallies in the past. I could have sworn it's usually held at 8am - but it was 7 :-( No way we were going to make that. Unfortunately, the free donuts and coffee was open at 8 and on our walk. Oh well, so much for good intentions.

Off to work at the Computer Help Desk.

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HackerAce said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. We will be in Redmond this year so maybe we will see ya! ;)