Saturday, July 04, 2009

Make room for a monster

We've had a lot of printing costs lately. When you go to Office Max or Staples, the charges really add up. Several hundred dollars just for one rally. So, Jim has wanted to buy a good laser printer. Especially since we visited Nick and Terry Russel of Gypsy Journal and saw their business class laser printer -thanks a lot Nick, you printer pusher you.

This is what Jim bought ...

From 200907

Where the hell is this thing going to go inside our 30ft, no slides, class C motorhome?! Jim suggests we can just walk around it.

From 200907

Believe it or not, he figured out a way to place it, and it looks like it was made for the spot.

From Geeks on Tour 200907

We are able to remove our old ink jet printer and our scanner to make some room because this is a *color* laser, and a scanner, and a copier/fax. Wow! All for under $550! I remember when a color laser was $20,000! We can't get rid of our ink jet printer altogether, because it is the only one that prints our DVDs

We also freed up some space by getting rid of our DVD movie collection. Actually, we just got rid of the covers and put all the DVDs in a disk 'wallet.' Takes up a *lot* less space!

Happy Fourth of July everybody! And Happy Anniversary to Jim and me - 11 years now and loving every minute of it.

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Jim Weise said...

The DVD wallet is not a good idea. We tried initially and lost a few DVD's to heat warping.
We've used thin jewel boxes for about 5 years - no problem.

Jim Weise

Nick Russell said...

Wow! 11 years! No wonder Jim drinks a lot! LOL

Seriously, congratulations on your milestone!

Chris said...

Nice printer.... I see a bigger RV in your future.

Chris said...

I almost forgot "Happy Independence Day" to you guys.

Jon said...

What make/model is the printer?

Chris said...

Jon - it's a Brother 9450 CDN. That stands for Color Duplex Network.