Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tribute to early RVers: my parents

We’ve been having a good time teaching our seminars here at the Gypsy Journal Rally … we taught one of our very favorite topics this morning: “Creating Narrated slideshow movies with Photo Story 3”  We have our routine and material down pat with this one, so my mind was free to wander a bit in getting prepared. 


It dawned on me that since my Mom is with us it would be cool to show a sample Photo Story movie using pictures from my family’s RV travels in the 60s.  RVing in Alaska, Mexico and Canada are popular topics in RV circles – and we did it in the 60s.  So, I made sure my Mom was in the audience for this seminar and I quickly put together this little movie as part of our presentation:


To learn how to make your own narrated slideshow/movie, see our tutorials at:

It’s SOOO easy!  And, Photo Story is free, just like everything else we teach.


Chris said...

That was a nice slide show, I enjoyed watching it. I think every RV'er should learn how to make a slide show so they can share their travels with others.

Stacy S. Jensen said...

The video is a nice way to share photos and memories.

Anonymous said...

I loved this one! Gets me motivated to scan old photos and put them together in this entertaining way.