Friday, May 25, 2012

eBooks and RVing

We’re parked for a couple weeks in Thousand Trails – Carolina Landing.  That’s in Fair Play, SC – point B on this map:
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That was a nearly 300 mile drive from where we were in Hilton Head, giving us enough time to finish reading Nick Russell’s latest murder/mystery novel – Big Lake Lynching.  biglakelynchingReading from my Kindle while Jim is driving is one of our favorite ways to spend time.  We read Nick’s first novel, Big Lake, this way and found ourselves looking forward to the sequel.  Murder mysteries are not normally high on my reading list, but since Nick is a friend, we really wanted to read his work.  Both books were fun reads.  As I got towards the end, I found myself reading out loud faster and faster because I wanted to know whodunnit!
Nick has also written several non-fiction books about RVing.  You can see all of Nick Russells’ books on Amazon, both paperback and Kindle editions.  What I find truly fascinating is how successful he’s been with these novels!  Talk about doing something you love and the money comes.  And, what a great way to make a living on the road.  It’s perfect because it makes no difference where you are, or when you do the writing.  Last year, his eBook sales made him a good living.  He writes all about it in a blog post entitled: A Year of eBooks.  If you have any interest in publishing your own eBooks, I recommend you read his article.
I know I’m interested!  Nick makes it look so easy, but I know it’s not.  He works at marketing every single day.  It’s not just about writing and putting it on Amazon’s Kindle store.  We know!  picasaOur Beginner’s Guide to Picasa has been on the Kindle store for a couple months now and I can count sales on one hand.  One thing that really helps sales on Amazon is customer reviews.  If any of you have used our Picasa book and found it helpful, we sure would appreciate it if you would leave a review on Amazon.  Here’s the link to the Kindle edition, and here’s the Printed Book plus DVD edition.
We’ve sold quite a few of the printed book and DVD combination.  We sell it on our own website, and our friends Diane and Andy, sell it for us on Amazon.  They have their own store for Yoga and Pilates Equipment called Rolling Sands Harmony.  Actually they’ve recently sold out of stock and Jim just had to print up 20 more and send them off.  Another order he had to send off was to New Zealand!  It is just so cool what the Internet allows us to do these days – run an international business from our traveling home on wheels.
Here is our International Headquarter Offices!  Currently located in Fair Play, South Carolina.  Till next week that is.
Luckily Verizon is good here – otherwise we wouldn’t be able to stay.  Thank you Cell Tower!
Cell Tower
I have to admit that the tower is prettier to me than the gorgeous forest of trees all around us!  Because … like I said, without the tower we couldn’t stay here and enjoy the rest.
Speaking of eBooks and RVing, you might be interested in other RVers who also publish eBooks – mostly about RVing:
Peggi McDonald of has been fulltime RVing for 27 years!  her tips are well researched and timeless. Her eBooks and others are on her Book Nook page.
Jamie Hall-Bruzenak of has written many books on the RV Lifestyle all available on their RV Books page. Those of you who know Jamie and RVLifestyleExperts, know that the other half of the team was Alice Zyetz.  I am so sad to report that Alice passed away this week.  According to this post on Nick Russel’s Blog, she died from congestive heart failure.  She was not only a prolific writer about the RV lifestyle but also a caring teacher for those of us who wanted to write.  She was moderator of the Escapees ‘Penwheels’ writers group.  She will be sorely missed, but her books live on.
Joe and Vicki Kieva:  We were reading Joe and Vicki’s tips before we ever got an RV!  They are the voice of experience.  See my blog post from Aprill 2003 when I first linked to!
Phil May of wrote the story of his family’s first year on the road.  If you travel with kids – this is the one to read. From High Tech to High Plains. puts many of the above books in one place, and then adds even more.  RVBookstore is owned by Chuck Woodbury of
I know that there are lots more – please leave a comment with your favorite RV authors or eBook tips.


John Huggins said...

Hi folks,
Glad you're having a great time. Kathy and I are writing a book at the request of our Living the RV Dream listeners. Its hard to develop the discipline to write every day, but we are progressing. See you in Celina.

Donna B. McNicol said...

Like Nick, I've ventured into fiction writing after many years of non-fiction work. I currently only have two shorts uploaded but am working on two fiction novels, hoping to have both out before the end of the year.