Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Love Fish Hatcheries

They're almost always in beautiful natural surroundings.  They're educational. and they're just unique enough to suit my fancy.  So - when we picked up a brochure of attractions in the area and saw a fish hatchery, I said 'Let's Go!'  So, yesterday we set off in search of Walhalla Fish Hatchery.

The trout hatchlings
They stay here for over a year before released.
Lots a Fish
Here's why I really like Fish Hatcheries ... it's the streams running by.  I decided to use this stream to try out the video in my new Canon T3i Digital SLR camera.  I think I can just play this in a loop on my computer whenever I want to meditate, or just sit calmly. hmmm - Youtube really lowers the quality - I think I'll find another way.

Here's another one ... still youtube, but you can choose HD by clicking the gear.
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Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

Tried to view the video but when the link at YouTube loaded it said the video had been removed by the owner. Might need to check things out.

Chris Guld said...

Yeah - I had a problem with youtube. I'm uploading to my own host now and will re-embed it.

Anonymous said...

nice opinion. thanks for posting.

John Huber said...

While you're in the area spend a day at Clemson University, the orgininal land grant college. The great SC Botanical Garden, and a lot of historic homes:

Also, Greenville is a great city to visit with a great park right on the river. Just north of Greenville is the BMW plant with tours and a museum. Try to stay cool!