Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day at Thousand Trails

For the last 3 years, we have happened to be at a Thousand Trails park for Memorial Day weekend.  In 2011 we were just outside of Cincinnati at the Wilmington Thousand Trails, and in 2010 we were at Natchez Trace in Tennessee.    This year we're at Carolina Landings in South Carolina.  This is a really hilly park.

We picked a site on top of a hill - we get the best Verizon signal there.  I'll bet you don't get any signal at the bottom of some of these hills.  ohh ... speaking of Verizon - somebody just flipped the switch and we even have 4G here now!

As with all Thousand Trails preserves, it is on water.  This one is a large reservoir called Lake Hartwell.

Over the holiday weekend, these parks always fill up, and they have lots of activities and entertainment.  We usually are hunkered down at our computers and stay away from the crowded pool and bicycling kids, but it's fun to watch the parade go by!

And, we appreciate having the live entertainment.  This year it was Roger Hurricane Wilson.  He played in an open field and we brought our camp chairs and beer and had a great time listening to good music.  Apparently, he is an RVer and a regular at Thousand Trails.  Check out his 'Home Sweet Home in my RV' song.  What a treat!
Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson playing Blues at Thousand Trails.  What a cute stage!
A little later in the week, we went to the concert given by another group, the Weaver Family - gospel and bluegrass band.  I think they were primarily here to perform for Sunday services which we don't attend, but they also gave a Wednesday night performance, and they were great.  I was especially fascinated a their story.  It's all one family - Mom, Dad, and eight kids - all performing.  They travel in 2 MCI bus conversion RVs.  OMG  After the concert, I bought a book written by one of the daughters, Anna, called 'Surviving the Revival' A Glimpse into the Life of the Weaver Family Band.  I've only read the first chapter so far and learned that they have to do 2-3 loads of laundry EVERY DAY just to keep up.  Watch a short video clip I posted of them in facebook.

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