Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Facebook and Nephews

Last night we stopped in Daytona Beach - at International RV Resort because it was suggested by one of our last rally-goers that this may be a good place to hold our next rally.  They sure had a nice - big meeting hall, and we were instantly sold when we saw a beer keg with tap!  But, we were told that the kitchen is only for use by licensed caterers, and I don't think Tracey wants to go that far!  The owner wasn't there, we'll still call him later, but the information about the kitchen doesn't sound good.

I love using Facebook with my Droid phone.  As Jim is driving, and I'm just enjoying the view, I figure it's a good idea to post a little note just informing friends that we'd left Fort Lauderdale and were planning to stay in Daytona for the night.  It is so easy to do that ... it's part of the reason why I'm blogging so seldom any more!
Anyway, within minutes we get a comment on the post from Jim's nephew, Brian.  We know that Brian lives in Daytona - but he is often out of town on work.  This message indicated he was home - so we made arrangements for dinner.  So nice to see you Brian!  And thank-you Facebook for making it possible!

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