Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Visit

Since our May rally in Kentucky was cancelled, our next engagement is late June for The Rally in Louisville.  So, we figured a short visit to Fort Lauderdale would be in order, just to check in on my Mom and Jim's Dad, maybe a grandkid fix etc.

We got into town on Saturday, the day of the Super Full Moon.  Watching the moon-rise over the ocean has always been a favorite thing of Mom's so we picked her up and went down to the beach.  What a zoo!  We had no idea this was such a big deal.  There was no place to park and the beach looked like spring break except everyone had a fancy camera with a big lens on a tripod pointing at the ocean.  Really - it was a solid line of cameras waiting for this moon.

It was beautiful night.  We met our good friends Chris and Richard and had a great time - but the moon wasn't that big a deal - just a nice full moon.  I couldn't believe Mom actually stayed up so late.  We didn't get her back home till 10pm!  When I visited her the next day - she was so surprised to see me, saying that she hadn't seen me in so long.    I sure hate this Alzheimers disease.  That's great news today that a National Alzheimers Plan has been created.  I hope they figure it out before I get there!  

We were only going to stay a few days, but Jim came down with some sort of cold or throat sickness on Wednesday and didn't get out of bed for 3 days.  Since that brought us so close to Mother's day, I said I wanted to stay thru Sunday so I could see her on Mother's day.  Not that she'd know any different - she didn't know it was Mother's day, and by later that same day she didn't know that I had been there - but I knew, and that helps me feel like a good daughter.  I so want to feel like a good daughter but it's hard when whatever you do is never enough.  I know a lot of you out there have been thru this, so you understand.  If you are dealing with Alzheimers or other Dementia in a loved one, I found the's message board to be a great place for information and commiseration.

The good news is she's physically healthy, she's in a great apartment in a nice assisted living facility, but she has progressed in the disease to the point where I'm not comfortable taking her for RV trips - and I feel bad about that, she always liked it so much.  Actually, I remember a time before her Alzheimers - when she pooh poohed going RVing.  Traveling in this country was just too tame for her.  Check out the website I've kept for her that shows all her travels ...  I have my work cut out if I'm going to come anywhere close to her.

So now we're back on the road.
Pulling out of Paradise Island
No Odie ... don't look Back.
Saying g'bye to the manager, Bill.  Jim won't be working here next year - we've decided to wander around Florida instead.

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