Tuesday, July 13, 2004

First day of School! Got up early today. The first event was a physical fitness walk from 6:30 am to 7:30. It was great. We hope to do that every morning this week. The teacher puts us thru stretches and ankle rotations before and after walking. Here's where my first class was today. After a full day of classes today, the four of us got together at the local micro-brewery to review the day and sample the Huckleberry Ale! We learned a lot. How to properly weigh your RV to determine the tire inflation on EACH tire. How to maintain the steps at the front door so they fold in when the door is closed and slide out when it opens. What kind of batteries and inverters to buy so you can have power even when you're not plugged in. Where to find jobs while you're traveling. How to write so that a magazine might buy your articles. How to get the most performance from our Ford V-10 gas engine. And, how to travel to Mexico and enjoy the Copper Canyon area. Then the sun set on our little RV community: I'm beat. g'night

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