Monday, July 12, 2004

A Work Day The conference seminars start tomorrow. Today was basically a free day. I had some computer web work to do. Jim had a project to help a fellow RVer with a wireless network inside his motorhome. Diane and Andy went for a bike ride to Washington (just a couple miles away). They chastised Jim and me for being 'all work and no play'. Yeah, right!! Their motorhome is so close that we may as well be living in the same house this week. This photo was taken from my window while I'm working on the computer. I just open the window and we can talk! This evening was the 'open house'. Jim washed off the windows in the front and I straightened up the inside. We had lots of people interested in seeing our coach. There aren't many like it and we LOVE it. It was great fun to show it off. Then we wanted to look at the converted bus by Nick and Terry. How cool. They've been RVing for several years and have been disappointed with the standard coaches. So, they decided to take a Grayline bus and convert it to living quarters. It was VERY nice. How's this for a beautiful bedroom? Here's their office and computer system. They make their living on the road by publishing a newspaper called the Gypsy Journal. According to Nick, Terry did most all of the cabinetry. I'm impressed. I'll be taking their seminars this week: "The Frugal RVer" and "Working your way across the USA"

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