Sunday, July 11, 2004

Greetings from Moscow! Moscow, Idaho that is. We're here for a week of RV Life on Wheels conference. It's like going back to college for a week, but all the classes are about living in RVs. The classes are held at the University of Idaho, and they start tomorrow. Today, we're just getting settled in and oriented. To get here, we drove over the Lolo pass and down the canyon created by the Lochsa river. What a gorgeous road - also called the Lewis and Clark Highway in Idaho. Once we got to the bottom - we had to go back up again. Very different landscape as we got closer to Moscow. Back to fields and farmlands again. There are supposed to be 650 RVs registered for the conference, and they will all be parked on campus. Here's where Diane & Andy and 'Odie's roadies' are parked: So different from the Hutchinson rally where thousands of RVs arrived in the rain. Here the weather is gorgeous and there are lots of folks giving guidance. Once we were guided to our site and hooked up to the electric, we went to the registration tent and then went on an orientation tour around the campus. Pretty huh? One of the first events that will happen tonight is 'Open House' .. or, rather Open RV. How much better to see RVs that are already lived in and talk to the owners, rather than look at brand new ones and talk to a salesperson. Anyone who is willing to have people come in and visit their RV puts a bright green sign in their window "I love to talk about my RV!". When you see that sign tonight, you can visit. I love it! There's one problem though ... "I love to talk about my RV!" But, I also want to visit others. I guess Jim and I will have to take turns or something. Later.

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