Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Oregon Coast We are staying at a campground right on the beach.  Barview Jetty, near Tillamook.  Odie so loves being able to run on the beach! If you've been anywhere near Tillamook, you know that there is a Cheese factory here.  I visited when I passed thru this area 25 years ago and remember being very impressed with learning about the cheesemaking process.  We saw a little of that today, and certainly tasted some cheese, but I think what I'll remember most is the crowds!  It takes a lot of cows to supply the Tillamook cheese factory!  We thought about you, Emily - there's lots of handsome cows around here. There's also a Naval Air Station blimp hangar that has been turned into a museum.  Jim loves anything to do with old planes! And, this one's for you Mom!

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