Monday, July 19, 2004

Living in a field of flowers   We're still in Moscow, Idaho.  The conference ended on Friday.  They kept the power on for those of us in the University's parking lot until Saturday at 10am.  We were allowed to stay there till Sunday, then we had to leave the parking lot.  We were told we could still park on the campus property, just not on the parking lot.  So, we're in an empty field right next to the parking lot with a few other diehards.  Diane and Andy are still here with us.  We parked awning to awning so we can just open both our doors and feel like we're in adjoining apartments.  They plan to leave today and head up towards Glacier National Park.  Make sure to watch their Blog (permanent link at left) to see photos of that spectacular scenery.   It has been so much fun to be with friends for this time.  We will miss them!  The other night, Jim got out the projection equipment and we had another 'Movie Night'!    Hey!  Our weblog earned mention on!  Pretty cool.  At least I think that's cool ... I'm not really sure.  When I first started blogging in May 2003 I thought I was doing it just for me - I've kept personal journals since I was a kid - this was just a new way to do it.  I didn't even tell Jim it was there.  Then I decided that some family and friends may be interested in reading it, so I told them about it.  Now that we're actually on the road, it's gotten more interesting and I get a real kick out of discovering that we had over 1,000 visitors last week!   Odie has a girlfriend!  One of the other RVs parked in this field with us has a black miniature poodle named Amy.  What fun!     Boo Hoo!! Sob ... Diane and Andy left this morning.          Looks like we're staying at least another night.  Just too lazy to move!  Actually, Jim is still working on another RVers computer.  He's getting rid of some very stubborn viruses.  He also installed a couple of wireless networks in the last few days.  Hey!  He's earned enough to pay for our week at Life on Wheels!  Cool!

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